You’re paying how much to sell your home?





For those who want to save on commissions, and be a for sale by owner but with a little assistance and ALOT of freedom, you have to see my listing options.

Sure, you can put your property with some of  the big for sale by owner sites online, BUT… I offer you something they DONT!

ASSISTANCE AND …. ALL the buyers who come directly to me are forwarded to …


Are you ready for this???!!

They are sent directly to YOU!


That’s crazy right!? A REALTOR who will actually send you all of the buyer leads that they are giving up 3% commission on?!

YES ! That’s exactly what I do!

Now, granted, some buyers will not want to deal directly with you and if they want their own agent, OR if another agent brings a buyer, there will be the 3% selling commission due to them.

But hey,we can’t expect the industry to change overnight. AND if someone brings you a buyer and the goal of selling your property is realized.. then… what’s a measly 3%?!

It beats you , as a seller, a year or two later as a fsbo who didn’t want to give up a little commission for someone to bring you a buyer!!! That’s the kind of seller remorse we don’t want!

The other kind of seller remorse, which, I think shouldn’t be remorse at all….. is …. WOW, our property sold so fast….. Maybe we should have priced it higher?!


That’s like if you hit a slot machine on one coin…..MAYBE if you would have maxed coins you’d have made even more! Doesn’t work that way.. You probably wouldn’t have hit at all and its’ the same with selling… Pricing it higher would have made a completely different scenario that we don’t want.

Now, I DON’T accept all listings who want to list with me. I’m picky. You have to be priced right, motivated, be a team player, and understand we are all on the same team with the same goal and there is no one AGAINST you or trying to take your home’s equity. Commercial listings or working farms/ranches being sold as a business, estate properties, divorce properties or other complicated scenarios are not eligible!


Visit http://easttexashomesandland.com/sellingeasttexasproperty


M. Reynolds, Realtor

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