FLAT FEE/ FSBO Real Estate Listing

Are you a FSBO? Maybe you’re a seller who just wants to retain the right to sell your property without paying expensive fees if you find a buyer on  your own? Why pay for more services than you really need? I know sellers want to be in control of the sale and you can do at least 90% of what needs to be done to show your property. I handle the things you can’t do or are not able to do effectively AND save you  money. All this while allowing your property to be in the MLS and you can reserve your right to sell as a FSBO.


$500 Upfront and just 1/2 of 1% at closing.  I understand everyone is different and has different needs , so if you prefer to not pay an upfront fee, you can choose to just pay 1% at closing. IF any agent brings a buyer (including me), a 3% selling commission will be due at closing. Since you’re saving on the listing, you could offer more than 3% to the selling agent as an additional incentive. (IF neither of these will work, let me know what you need and what you’re looking for.. we may be able to come up with another option)

Technology allows real estate sales to be handled more efficiently than in the past.  Since communication can be handled by email or fax, this allows me to concentrate on marketing and in office specifics while allowing you to participate in the sale of your home AND save money.

Find your own buyer? As long as another agent did not have any contact with them, you will not owe a 3% selling commission. I will provide you with all the forms they need to present you their offer for no additional cost.

  • Realtor.com listing
  • Tyler GTAR MLS listing for every agent in this system to have access to find for their buyer
  • Property will be on easttexashomesandland.com and easttxrealestate.net
  • Listed until SOLD! Cancel at any time
  • CMA pulled from sold listings (if requested) to assist you with pricing *
  • Possibility to pay no buyers agent commission*
  • You can still advertise on your own on FSBO sites or others online (must be priced the same as your listing)
  • All real estate forms and disclosures
  • You can receive emails on new properties that come on the market and are your competiton which help to gauge price changes (these new alert emails are also sent to every buyer that has signed up on my website to receive them; YOUR Property could be one of them!)
  • Lockboxes are not required (however if it’s available to you depending on distance; you could choose it as an addon rental fee for $100)* Alot of our sellers prefer to have appt only showings so they don’t have surprise showings. They will open the door for the agent and either stay or leave depending on agent request and owner preference. Please be courteous and respectful of the agents requests. They are part of the selling process to get your property sold.
  • Yard signs are optional (if available depending on distance)
  • Offers will be emailed or faxed to you. I will help you with any questions you have as well as counteroffers. You will NEVER negotiate with another agent. All offers /counteroffers will go directly through me.
Whats your part?
In order for me to be able to offer reduced pricing, we have to work as a team each being responsible for certain parts.
  • Send me  your photos of your property (up to 20; I’ll use as many as allowed)
  • Complete paperwork and email or fax back (offers will be handled this way as well)
  • You’ll receive all questions and showing requests from other agents ( you will NOT negotiate with them)
  • IF you find a buyer on  your own, you will show your property (if you’re unavailable, I could show and you would owe a selling commission)
  • You decide on selling price (can use CMA of sold listings for assistance if requested)


  • Can I pay less than 3% to a Buyer’s Agent?

While there is no “standard commission rate”, the prevailing market rate on just about 99% of all listings is 3%.  National Agent Network is a buyer agent friendly company and does not want to give any Realtor an excuse for not showing your house to one of their buyers.  However, one of the great things our company offers that most companies do not, is that if you find a buyer who is unrepresented by an agent, you do not have to pay the 3% buyers agent commission.  It’s yours, you keep it. This makes us FSBO friendly!

  • How long does it take for my Listing to show up on MLS and Realtor.com site and all the other sites?

From the time we get all your paperwork, photos, lockbox up, etc., we have about a 48 hour or less turn around time before your home shows up on MLS.  Once active, it shows up instantly on MLS.  Realtor.com and all the local MLS websites take data from MLS and usually will have your property up within 24 to 48 hours after.  However, we have absolutely no control over these sites and they can sometimes take longer than that.  Realtor.com will usually change the data around, that is why we suggest you look at the local MLS website, if one is available.

  • How many photos will be on my Listing?

All MLS’s allow for multiple photos, but each is a little different.  The websites that take data from MLS, like Realtor.com, each have their own limit which we have absolutely no control over.

  • How long is my Listing Agreement?

Our listing agreement is for 6 months but can be extended as needed. It’s good until sold. You  may cancel it at anytime as long as the property is not under contract or there are no active negotiations.

  • Will my home be negatively affected by listing it with your company?  Maybe other Realtors won’t show my home.

Not at all. We have listed and sold Thousands of homes in Texas since our founding and have had buyers agents from almost all companies show our listings and submit offers on behalf of their clients.

The reality of the market today is that 80%+ of home buyers are using the internet to find homes and are telling their agent which homes they want to see.  Buyer’s don’t care who the listing agent is as long as they get the house they want/need.

IF lockboxes, signs, and one on one contact is extremely important to you, please contact a traditional real estate company. My specialty is saving you money,  marketing your property online, and providing necessary details as efficiently as possible.
Any other questions or do you want to see if your property qualifies?
Feel free to send me an email and I’ll get back to you.
*When you decide to list with me, you will email me and I’ll send you out the forms to be completed and emailed or faxed back. You MUST have email AND fax with printing capabilities to use the program. IF you do not, you must contact me to see if you qualify. All communication with these listings must be email/fax only. I reserve the right to decline any listing due to distance or being overpriced. Decision to place lockbox and/or sign resides with me. Commercial properties/working farms or ranches are not eligible for this program. I do not attend closings. I work by appt only.*

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