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East Texas Real Estate - Misty Reynolds, RealtorIn  East Texas real estate, timing is everything. Properties are sold in East Texas before they are even advertised.

Whether you have a house or land for sale in East Texas, I’m here to help you.    You can search for country real estate  in East Texas including rural land/acreage and farm/ranch/homes with acreage.  Including: Smith County, Wood County, Cherokee county and surrounding areas including.. Lindale Tx, Mineola Tx, Quitman Tx, Winnsboro Tx, Big Sandy Tx, Hawkins, Tyler Tx, Flint Tx, Bullard Tx, Troup Tx,  and all of East Texas .



Sellers who understand the process of listing and selling property would never pay 6% commission.

There’s nothing that a 6%  agent can give that you can’t get from me for a fraction of the cost. Actually, the odds of selling  quicker or at a better price  reduce when listing at 6%.
Here are 2 reasons:

  1. The biggest thing that generates interest, showings and offers is price. When paying 6% commission, you have to adjust your price  to cover that. By listing with me, the listing price can be lower, AND when a buyer contacts me about your property, they are referred directly to you. This will give you the opportunity to avoid the buyer’s agent commission also, which would allow you to make an additional 3% price reduction if necessary to sell your home  that you wouldn’t be able to do  at 6%.
  2. When a buyer places a call to a 6% real estate office here’s what happens. Whoever is on “phone duty” answers the phone. That buyer’s call is treated as a ” lead” to sell any of that office’s listings, not as a buyer to direct to you only. The real estate office’s agent makes the same commission regardless of which property they can sell, so the focus is on selling them any listing. They may answer a few questions about your property, and then proceed on with questions like, “What’s your price range?”; “How quick would you like to move?”; “Are you selling a home?”; etc.

That is why some properties listed at 6% commission don’t get any showings or calls. BUT when they get our property marketing service , they can potentially get showings and offers very quickly. Have you  ever tried calling the phone number on your agent’s real estate sign as if you were a buyer to see how calls are handled?  Maybe you should.

The  problem with 6% commission- Educated sellers

The problem 6% agents are currently facing is educated and savvy sellers.  So they try to give you a list  of reasons to list with them. Here are some common sales pitches:

 Reason for 6% commission: Our company is well-respected  and we have created a name in this business. Buyers feel more comfortable working with us.
Actually: Buyers could care less about the company listing the property; they only  care about the property.

Reason for 6% commission: I will “market” your property.
Actually: Pretty vague, right? Always ask “What specifically would you do?”  Get specifics! Don’t fall for “open houses”, newspaper ads, or pretty pictures in magazines, they rarely do anything but get the company ‘s name out there to get more “leads”.

Reason for 6% commission: If you list at less than 6%, no agent will show your property.
Actually: Agents care about getting paid, and they WILL show any property regardless of the listing. If they don’t show it,  the buyer will find it on their own, and the agent  will end up with no paycheck. They only complain because it’s getting harder for them to find sellers giving up 6% commission so easily.

Reason for 6% commission: We have  a list of buyers.
Actually:  A good question you could ask if your property has expired would be, “IF you have buyers for my property,   did you ever show my home to  them?”

Reason for 6% commission:  I network with agents, and they’ll all know  about your property.
Actually:  All agents “network” with other agents, it’s called the MLS. IF they’re speaking about going to agent events, do you really think they’re wasting their off time talking about their listings?

Reason for 6% commission: Your listing will be in the home books that are all over town. You know, the glossy pretty home magazines?
Actually: This is some offices favorite one to use.  These books are designedto promote  agents and their companies.  Plus, the time between print and distribution (minimum 6 weeks) make it useless.

Reason for 6% commission:  We send email’s out to every agent in our MLS system so they know about your property.
Actually: This is annoying! And agent do not like getting spammed like this and won’t even open them. Agents don’t need emails to know  about your property, we have the MLS.

Reason for 6% commission: We will have an open house for you AND send mailings out to everyone in your area.
Actually: Buyers who attend an open house would have also scheduled a showing to see your home IF they are a serious buyer. I detest open houses because they open your home up to every looky loo off the street or nosy neighbors. Agents love open houses because they get to meet  buyers who may want to  buy some time in the future, and they get to meet your neighbors who may be wanting  to sell their property, too. Open houses  are great for agents to give you the impression they are marketing your property  but ACTUALLY they are promoting their business. If you still want to have an open house, it’s easy to do it on your own!

Trying To Sell

Restrictive One-Sided Listing Agreements

If you don’t know, the listing agreement that 6% agents use say that if your property sells while  it is listed, you pay 6% commission. If  all they do is place  a sign in your yard and enter your property in the  MLS,  it’s still 6% commission. Let’s say  you sell your property to a neighbor and the agent had nothing to do with bringing them, you still pay 6% commission. I can’t believe anyone ever signs the standard 6%  commission listing agreement Exclusive Right to Sell, and I often wonder if anyone even reads it.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Some 6% agents  get your listing, and “hold it hostage”.  This is how:  They say  whatever it takes to get your listing, even if it’s listing your property for more than it could ever sell for. If the listing is for a long enough time period, they will try to get you to lower pricing down the road. But if you don’t want to, and decide to list elsewhere… they will sometimes try and demand a “fee”  for their “hard work” and expenses before they letting  you cancel. This can be  thousands of dollars. The reason this can work is that no other agent can place your property in MLS when there is another listing active .




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